14/06/2021 Part 1: Corfe Castle

I seem to have found myself even more distracted than usual of late, and for that, dear reader (note the singular), I can only really apologise profusely. I would pledge to be better, but I’d hate to break any promises. I’m still catching up on my posts from my walks from my little holiday a […]

13/06/2021 Part 2: Golden Cap

Once I’d left my friends behind I decided to push on and complete another walk. I’m nothing if not keen to eke out as much value for money from my trips as possible. Golden Cap I’d seen highlighted on a map while walking around Lyme Regis and as it was just a few minutes away, […]

13/06/2021 Part 1: Beer & Lyme Regis

As I sit looking at what feels like the 200th grey day in a row, it feels hard to believe that we enjoyed a glorious weekend just a couple of weeks ago. Was that our summer? I hope not. The first part of the 13th was a trip to Beer, where I met a couple […]

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