14/06/2021 Part 1: Corfe Castle

I seem to have found myself even more distracted than usual of late, and for that, dear reader (note the singular), I can only really apologise profusely. I would pledge to be better, but I’d hate to break any promises.

I’m still catching up on my posts from my walks from my little holiday a couple of weeks ago – which for some reason feels like it was absolutely ages ago. Perhaps it doesn’t help that we’ve now progressed back into autumn after the heatwave.

Casting my mind all the way back to the 14th, and my first walk of the day saw me head off to Corfe Castle, described in one of the guidebooks as an absolute must when visiting Dorset. If that’s the case, then I felt I absolutely must check it out, it’d be remiss of me to do otherwise. Also, it’s good to get usage out of my National Trust membership, especially now you don’t have to book ahead (got to be the most ultimate of first world problems).

I think my dog enjoys visits to castles, as they more adequately suit her regal stature that she holds within herself. She also likes to bark at passers-by from the keep and show off how truly ferocious she is. The locals I’m sure were terrified.

Apparently, Corfe Castle dates back to William the Conqueror. In historical terms, that means it’s really old. Like, really old. It’s no wonder that it’s looking a bit dilapidated.

After we’d finished staking our claim over the ruins, we headed in to the village for a snoop around that. It was yet another quaint and pretty English village – are there any other kinds – and one with a whopping great castle in the background, bonus.

Soon however, it was getting far too hot for me and my little companion, who was looking at me like I was torturing her. It was time to slink off back the cottage for a cool down and a rest before venturing out again once the temperature dropped.

More about that later. Or tomorrow.

Maybe the day after that.


Distance – 2.5miles
Time – 1:44

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