13/06/2021 Part 2: Golden Cap

Once I’d left my friends behind I decided to push on and complete another walk. I’m nothing if not keen to eke out as much value for money from my trips as possible. Golden Cap I’d seen highlighted on a map while walking around Lyme Regis and as it was just a few minutes away, it seemed like as good a choice as any.

The contrast between the busy seafront in Lyme and the deserted walk towards the Cap was very noticeable – and very welcome. It’s not like me to hang around in crowded areas, so this felt like a much more familiar return to form.

Also, I’m pleased to report that Runkeeper was working (probably user error) again so I have the full stats and the full map – I’m sure you’re thrilled.

Considering how much I’d already walked on this day (and on the trip so far), it took longer than I had hoped to get to the view over the coast, but it was worth it as the sight in front of me was pretty gorgeous. I even treated myself to a sit down on a beach just to take in and enjoy the peaceful solitude. It was only interrupted by somebody hang gliding, and I suppose I can forgive that.

Walking across to the other side of the Cap, there was another great view, as mist was hanging about all mysteriously, as mist is wont to do. Keen to give the dog a well-earned rest, we headed back to the cottage and I wondered how long it will be until I give in and move to the country.

One day?

Distance – 1:91miles
Time – 1:23

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