13/06/2021 Part 1: Beer & Lyme Regis

As I sit looking at what feels like the 200th grey day in a row, it feels hard to believe that we enjoyed a glorious weekend just a couple of weeks ago. Was that our summer? I hope not.

The first part of the 13th was a trip to Beer, where I met a couple of friends from Cardiff – of all places (!) – who fancied a day out and thought they’d join me on the coast.

I don’t know what happened but I somehow managed to switch off my Runkeeper map, so I don’t have an accurate display of that walk, which is probably more disappointing than it should be. Mind you, Beer is so small that there isn’t really much to capture, and we spent most of our time sitting down, chatting and eating – never a chore.

Beer is in Devon, so I had to cross a border to get here from the cottage in Dorset. The excitement never stopped on this holiday. It’s a pretty little town with a beach – what more could you want in life? When I am next down here, I intend to make the walk from Beer to Branscombe (hailed at the prettiest town in England). It was far too hot for long hikes though, and my companions weren’t that keen anyway.

Since we were already in this direction though, we decided an onwards trip to Lyme Regis would be in order. This is also a pretty town, back in Dorset again now – that border required crossing again. Truly, the fun never ends. Here it was so hot that we were literally forced to stop and eat ice cream. A terrible life, I know.

As my friends’ time in Dorset was drawing to a close – but mine was not – I decided I’d push on somewhere else and take advantage of the super long days and golden hour once again, but I’ll cover that off in a separate post so as not to muddy the waters.

Until then…

Distance – Unknown
Time – Unknown

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