12/06/2021 Part 3: Weymouth & Portland

This week I’ve found myself with too much work and too little time. The first is probably a good thing, certainly in the long haul, but it has once again led to blog neglect – so bad that I didn’t even finish off this entire day trilogy. I’m sure my regular reader will be disappointed.

By the time the afternoon of the 12th rolled around, the sun was showing no sign of going away. Of course, a heatwave is the perfect time to visit one of the most British of seaside locations, Weymouth. Stepping onto the seafront I immediately understood my colleague and friend Peter Dench, whose whole aesthetic suddenly made sense.

Bright, brash and undeniably British – the garish colours as vivid as the garish behaviour (and the garish tans) – it was great fun to witness, but not my usual subjects to photograph. Besides which, my courage doesn’t really extend to photographing people in close proximity, so I headed off towards the Old Harbour in order to find more of my usual type of scene.

Somebody will probably no doubt laugh at me for saying this (somebody usually does), but the area reminded me of Copenhagen. With the river and the coloured slender houses on either side of it. Perhaps I’ve just been confined to this island for too long, but the thought entered my mind none-the-less.

I walked to the end of a jetty, whereupon Google Maps tried to convince me to swim across the bay to get back to the car. I didn’t fancy that and I’m not sure the dog would go for it, so I went for the more conventional method of walking. Boring huh.

Not quite satisfied that I’d done enough walking at this point, I decided to make another stop to the Isle of Portland. Because why not. First I stopped at the Tout Quarry, a former quarry which is now a nature reserve a sculpture park. And from which you get a pretty cracking view over the “island” (it’s not actually an island, disappointingly).

The day finished with the Golden Hour at Portland Bill. Having heard of this famous location many a time before, I couldn’t resist travelling to see it with my own eyes. It seemed like quite a few people had the same idea, and I can’t say that I blame them with the light – and the view being as gorgeous as it was.

My little trooper was still padding along without too much complaining, but after almost 30,000 steps – for me, god knows how many for her – it was time to head back to the cottage for a well-deserved rest.

For both of us.

Distance – 5.65 & 0.94 & 0.30 miles
Time – 3:13 & 40:44 & 0:20

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