12/06/2021 Part 2: Dorchester

I love visiting towns I’ve never been to before. I have a compulsion to “collect” as many as possible, if for no other reason that whenever that town’s on the news, I can say “oh I went there once” and know at least roughly where it is. Just have to hope that it’s not on the news for something awful, I suppose.

Dorchester isn’t too far from Maiden Castle so I made it here pretty quickly and set off to explore the town with no real plan other than just to wander around and see what I came across. The result was a charming little town with pretty architecture and a pleasant river walk. What more could you ask for?

A glimpse at Google Maps as I was wandering around showed me that there was something called a “Roman Town House” which I thought sounded intriguing. Having been to Rome (twice), I am obviously now an expert on all-things Roman so wanted to check it out.

As I arrived I was pleased to discover it is indeed the only Roman Town House to be seen in its entirety in Britain – how about that then! It was built in the 4th Century AD, and inside you can see the original mosaics that are laid on the floor. I found this significantly more interesting than the dog, whose only interest in it was the shade the house provided for a lie down. There’s a bunch of other architectural details and information about how they heated the house in the winter (must have been quite different from Italy I suppose) and details about who might have lived there.

All this is available for free and there was nobody else about looking at it – madness! After I’d finished my fascinating history lesson, I made my way back in the direction of the car, through a charming park. I’d definitely be keen to come to Dorchester again, as I’m sure there’s more of it I didn’t really explore due to time (and heat) constraints.

Instead, it was time to move on to the next thing, stopping for a refuel on the way to the next destination.

Me, that is – not the car.

Distance – 3.33miles
Time – 1:39

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