06/06/2021: Ogmore Castle

These very long days are both good and bad. They give ditherers like me the perfect excuse to not get going until very late in the day – and I end up being out way past dinner time. On the plus side, I tend to go out when nobody else is around and feel like I have the whole countryside to myself.

Having invested in so many walking books recently, I realised that I didn’t have any for places to closer to home and decided to rectify that. One of the walks mentioned in the book started at Merthyr Mawr and swung round to Ogmore Castle. I’d been to the latter before, but never the former so decided it’d be a good one to give a go.

This is a beautiful area, and I’m always amazed that it’s so relatively close to home. Even more amazed that it’s so close to Bridgend, too (no offence, Bridgend). I made my way down a very long and winding path to get to the car park, not being entirely sure that there would be anything at the end of it. Surprisingly enough, there was something though and I was all set to go.

All was going pretty well. I got to the castle and even managed to make it across the stepping stones across the river. I had to watch several people do it before me to work up the courage beforehand. And I had to pick up the dog as I didn’t trust her not to fall in. My trainers got a little bit wet too, but sometimes life is tough I guess.

As we made our way around the next part, and across a large field with horses (!) in it, I found myself feeling quite smug for finding such a good route in the book at my first attempt. It was not to last. I found myself at a part of a walk that was described as a “field” that you can easily traverse. This was a freshly planted field though, and I couldn’t bring myself to trample across a farmer’s brand new crops, public right of way or not. I tried to go around it but found myself in another field with crops up to my waist. The dog really was not sure what to make of it.

With that in mind, I ended up turning back and heading back to my original destination. The result being that I missed seeing the second castle listed on the walk. And by this too point I was also too tired to have a look at the sand dunes. I decided to call it a night and try again another day – and use the intervening time to try and hone my map-reading skills.

Not likely.

Distance – 5.94miles
Time – 2:59

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