31/05/2021: Chepstow

Inspired by another one of my recent walk book purchases, I decided to head to Chepstow – especially since the only time I’d ever been here prior to that was as the Megabus picked up some passengers on the way to London. I’m not really sure that counts.

I’d been told that it was a nice little town with some good walks. And then I got a book which featured it in too, and if it’s written down in a book it absolutely must be true. I’d highly recommend the book by the way – it features lots of walks of a decent length, pace and with fairly obvious instructions (more on that later). The book is small and travel-friendly, and there’s lots of other books for other areas too. OK enough with the book plug (they didn’t pay me to say any of this in case you’re wondering).

This walk was to take in the town centre, the very large castle and up through some woods, and back down again next to the race course. It was a very hot day and as I arrived at the woodland, I was relieved to be heading into cooler territory – the warmer climate seems to have appeared out of nowhere this year.

Walking through the woods was extremely peaceful, as yet again I found myself in the company of precisely nobody else except the dog and lots of birds. According to the map I was supposed to be passing by an old fort, but I either missed that, it’s been removed or it’s covered with overgrowth as I couldn’t find it. I then managed to go wrong by missing a turning (what was I saying about the map being easy to follow and had to double back on myself.

I eventually emerged onto a large field with a ruined house, which is apparently cursed (most large houses probably are), and excellent views over to the original Severn Bridge. You also have to pass by the famous Chepstow racecourse, but naturally, nothing was going on.

Soon it was time to head back into the town to be reunited with my car and onwards home. There’s other walks in my book which start in or near Chepstow, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before I make another visit – another one for my regulars list.


Distance – 5.03miles
Time – 2:46

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