04/06/2021: Symond’s Yat

This is the longest walk on the blog, but it’ll probably be one of the shortest posts. Yin and yang.

I met up with one of my school friends here, I suggested we meet in this location as it’s roughly halfway between the two of us. Every time I drive home, I pass the sign for Symond’s Yat and something about the name always makes me laugh – no idea why. I’ve been here once before, but not for a long time. And I’d never been to the famous ‘Rock’ so it made sense to give it a go.

We arrived and set off along one of the signposted trails. The idea was to go on a leisurely walk for a couple of hours, have a good catch up and carry on our merry way. Except, we were so busy chatting away that we didn’t really notice that the trail we’d chosen was one of the longer ones. I stopped to check on my phone how far away we were from the car park, hoping we’d gone in a circle, only to discover we were at that point (after a 2.5 hour walk) an hour and a half away from the car. Whoops.

Hastily we made a retreat back along our steps, rather than carrying on with the trail (how long was this trail and who on earth is it for!), only to go wrong again by ending up in a camp site that seemed to have no exits. Probably going to write a horror screenplay about that one day.

In between chatting and getting lost, I didn’t take too many photos. But that’s absolutely all right by me, I’m always happy to put photography aside for friendship, every time. It was a beautiful place though, and I’ll definitely be going back at some point. I’ll just make sure to follow a shorter trail this time.


Distance – 8.58miles
Time: 4:37

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