30/05/2021: Clevedon

I’m not sure there’s many people in the world who have a favourite pier, but I do. While I have a lot of love for Penarth Pier, the fact that our canine friends are not welcome unfortunately means it’ll never be elevated into first place – unless of course they review their silly policy. For that reason (and the fact that it is just so bloody pretty), Clevedon wins hands down – even if you do have to fork out £3.50 for the privilege of walking on it.

One of the other things I like about Clevedon is how it’s almost visible from this side of the channel – that and the fact that it takes less than an hour to reach it by car. Always a winner in my book.

I arrived here just in time before the pier’s last admission, so we didn’t have a huge amount of time on it – just long enough to reach the end, stare at Wales in the distance (and try – and fail – to make out recognisable landmarks), have a little sit down and turn around and walk off again.

A man was trying to impress his young teenage daughter with the fact that One Direction had shot a video on the pier. It then occurred to me that this teen was probably too young to care about One Direction, which explained her multiple eye-rolling while he excitedly looked up the video on YouTube and she stared into the distance wishing she might fall through the slats. He’d started the conversation in the entry queue and was still having it about 15 minutes later such was his amazement. I wonder which one was his favourite.

Whenever I’ve been to Clevedon before, I’ve not really strayed too far from the pier, but this day’s trip showed that there is a lot more to it. I made my way across the seafront, and across to “Poet’s Walk”, from which you get a good view across the town in one direction, and another good view at Wales across the water in the other. I tried my hardest again to squint and make out something recognisable and once again failed. I took some pictures in the hope that I’d be able to zoom in and see something, but it was really only the Wenvoe TV mast that was an obvious highlight. Of course.

About halfway round Poet’s Walk, imagine my delight to stumble across yet another fantastic old churchyard. This must surely be another contender for most picturesque place to be buried – an irony if ever there was one. I also managed to find some chickens, which the dog tried her best to catch for dinner – but luckily for everyone involved, totally failed.

The tail end of the Poet’s Walk presents you with a view over some impressive mud flats, the scale of which I don’t think are truly shown in my pictures, but safe to say were quite breathtaking in their own way. I completed my circle back to the car and vowed to come back again sooner rather than later to complete a different lap another time.


Distance – 4.17miles
Time – 2:48

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