29/05/2021: Newton Beach, Porthcawl

Sometimes I think about renaming at the very least a section of this blog “places I’ve already been to but forgotten until I arrive”. Although not a particularly catchy title, it certainly applies to this trip to one of the smaller beaches in Porthcawl.

On this particular day, I decided I wanted to go to a “proper” beach (I love Penarth, but the sludge and the pebbles aren’t always to mine – or the dog’s – satisfaction). A quick Google of the beaches in Porthcawl revealed this one to be welcoming to our canine companions and it looked like it had an easy to reach car park.

Of course I should have already known that, because as I turned down the road on which it’s found, I immediately remembered that I’d been here before, yet somehow completely erased it from my mind. In my defence, the last time I came here was not an important day or anything – no, it was only Christmas Day.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. Oops, I’m sorry, my hands typed that because the words are stamped into my subconscious. Let’s start again. Last Christmas, due to some virus or other that you might have heard of, I spent my very first (and hopefully last) Christmas Day by myself. I say by myself, nobody who has a dog is ever truly by themselves.

I had been dreading the day, but it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Quiet, but at least there was no arguments over who gets the last Quality Street or whose turn it is to ask the questions in Trivial Pursuit. Me and the dog rocked up to Newton Beach, witnessed the sunset and then blasted out Christmas tunes as we drove home down the M4. People have had worse, I’m sure.

Anyway, I can’t believe I managed to forget the name of the beach until I rocked up at it, but I remain ever hopeful that my documentations of these walks will help to etch things a little more sharply onto what is left of my brain. This day was not quite so special as Christmas Day, but it was still lovely to be on proper soft sand – something about it really excites my dog, and I’m not sure what it is.

For some curious reason, the map seems to think I spent a good portion of this walk in the sea. Sadly that was not the case.

The weather wasn’t particularly exciting, but it was still nice to be breathing in the sea air. I gave up on taking too many exciting images and instead just played with my dog, kicked a ball around and once again, watched the sun start to disappear for another day.


Distance – 1:03 miles
Time: 0:59

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