16/05/2021: Severn Beach

Just as I’d started to feel like I was really on holiday, it was time to come home again – isn’t it always the way.

I always like to extend my holidays if I can by stopping off on the way home, but the weather wasn’t looking particularly co-operative on this day. As I drove through torrential rain and so much spray that I could barely see where I was going, I was beginning to think it was a lost cause.

The thought occurred that if I planned to go somewhere that wouldn’t be too much of a diversion anyway, if I had to cancel it and carry on, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. Looking at the map, the glaringly obvious choice seemed like the Severn Beach – because who doesn’t want go and look at a massive motorway bridge?

As I got nearer, the rain showed signs of abating so I decided to go for it. When I arrived I was rewarded by some of the most dramatic skies I’ve seen in a while and was immediately pleased with the decision.

The walk here is a linear one. You traverse the coastline and marvel at a feat of modern engineering, while staring at Wales in the distance. As I reached the apex of the walk and decided it was time to turn back, the sun broke through the clouds and you’d easily be forgiven for thinking the pictures were taken on two different days. Which was handy, as it’s one of the things I dislike about linear (as opposed to circular) walks – repetitive photo opportunities.

I’m not sure if I’d go back on this walk again now that I’ve seen it once – and it’s also odd that to get to this view, you have to use an entirely different bridge than the one you’re looking at – but I’m definitely glad I’ve ticked it off the list. Having been over that bridge approximately 70,000 times in my life (or so it feels) it was nice to see it from a different angle for change. Maybe it’s just me who’s obsessed with seeing things from a different angle though.


Distance – 3.13miles
Time – 1:47

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