15/05/2021: Hove

It was my last full day in Brighton and as the rain hammered outside, I was beginning to think I was going to end up having a movie day (not always a bad thing, but a bit less appealing when you’re paying for the privilege).

Trying not to be too despondent, I thought, if I ready myself to go, I can up and leave should there be a hint of a break in the clouds and dash off somewhere fairly local. With that in mind, I had my sights firmly set on Hove.

Brighton & Hove used to be two separate places but they merged together in the late 90s, just before Brighton & Hove became a city (I’ve only just learned that it’s a fairly new city – so that’s exciting). Anyway, the two might be together in name and council, but you can still walk around two fairly distinct areas.

I chose Hove, rather than Brighton itself, as I thought it’d be a bit quieter on a Saturday and readers may be aware of my aversion to people (well, crowds really) by now. Spotting a small gap in the clouds, I decided to make a dash for it and see what the worst that could happen was.

As I drove through intermittent periods of brilliant bright sun and torrential downpours, I got a taster of what to expect. Parking up near the sea front (let’s not think about Brighton’s astronomical parking charges – I get that they’d prefer people to use the bus, but as an outsider I am a bit scared of them… especially during Covid times), I made my way onto the beach front for what I assumed would be a short stroll.

From Hove seafront you get a good viewpoint on the old / derelict Brighton Pier. I guess because of symbolism or something, people seem to prefer photographing this one more than the fully functional one a few metres away. All I can say for sure is that its strong black outlines looked great against the vibrant blues/turquoises of the south coast sea.

Days like this – where the weather cannot make up its mind – generally mean you run the risk of getting trapped in a downpour, and today was such a day. It’s safe to say the dog was not impressed as she stood there shivering and looking at me like I was certifiably insane. She’s almost certainly not wrong, but I’m also certifiably British and I will enjoy my holiday, no matter what the weather, thankyou.

We took shelter during the worst of the downpour before heading inwards to the very pleasant Hove town centre. I don’t know what you’d call this since it’s part of the city now, but whatever it’s called, it’s very nice anyway. By this point, the sky was a brilliant blue and you’d never know that there had ever been any rain, perhaps in the history of time. It made the yellowish buildings of Brunswick Square look particularly resplendent and made me think once I become a millionaire, this wouldn’t be a bad place to live.

Heading back to the car, I contemplated expanding my walk a little further. At precisely the moment the thought crossed my mind, the heavens once again opened and I drove back to the cabin for that movie afternoon after all, safe in the knowledge that at least I’d been outside today.

Happy times.

Distance – 2.36miles
Time – 1:26

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