13/05/2021 Part 2: Farley’s House & Eastbourne

I’ve been writing about Farley’s House in various jobs for a number of years. The “home of the surrealists” Lee Miller & Roland Penrose, it regularly has photography exhibitions which I’ve either read about or plugged in magazines, websites and other musings. I’d never actually been there though, so when I found myself within half an hour of it on holiday, it seemed like the obvious choice.

Of course, these days I am almost always accompanied by a dogsona-non-grata, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to go in the house (which was closed due to Covid restrictions at the time anyway). Luckily however, there’s a lovely sculpture garden that I was just as keen to see.

One of my oldest friends (as in she’s been my friend for a long time – she’s not an OAP) came down to Brighton to see me, so we decided to go together as the backdrop to a long-overdue catch-up.

As we drove through the gorgeous Sussex countryside, it soon became apparent how remote this house is. It also soon became apparent why it would be inspiring to artists or anyone with a creative outlook on life. I love driving around windy narrow little roads and wondering where on earth we’re about to end up – and it was great to have a friend with me for a change.

The sculptures in the garden are unlikely to be to everyone’s tastes, but they’re certainly quite the talking point on occasion. With nobody else there – and this not being the biggest location – we were actually done within half an hour. Obviously our catch-up was nowhere near done, so having a look at a map, I noticed we were now within half an hour of Eastbourne – and, well, what could be more befitting of a trip with one of my ‘oldest’ friends.

Strictly speaking, I have been to Eastbourne before, but on that occasion it was hammering it down with rain so I only made it to a pet shop and a fast-food shop. This time we actually explored it properly, with sunshine that was now making an unexpected – but very welcome – appearance.

Very much like a Brighton 2.0 (Eastbourne people probably don’t like you saying that, apologies if any are reading this), I particularly liked the golden tips on the pier, as well as the art deco theatre on the sea front. Disappointingly, all the chip shops and ice cream shops seemed to be closed (wtf!) so we decided to make a return to Brighton, where hopefully our quest would be met with better results.

I’m pleased to report – it was.

Distance – 0.64 & 1.93miles
Time – 0:51 & 1:26

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