13/05/2021 Part 1: Shoreham-by-Sea

This was a week of many repeated walks (from last year), but when there are great opportunities – why wouldn’t you.

I was meeting a good friend of mine in the afternoon but as I’d booked the day off work, I wanted to make the most of the morning too. However, since I’m a workaholic, I couldn’t help but turn a walk into a bit of work, and took with me the OnePlus 9 Pro, which I happen to be reviewing at the moment.

Shoreham is a cute little town just a few miles from Brighton, with a neat little town centre, a river filled with sweet little boats and a beach front which is far, far quieter than Brighton’s main beach. It is still shingle, but with a board walk running along the back of it, it’s very easy to walk along and makes for a very pleasant little stroll.

The sky was doing its best to be as dramatic as possible with blue skies in one direction and heavy, moody and mysterious clouds in the other. The second half of that sentence could easily be a description of me, I realise – perhaps that’s why I’m always so drawn to such vistas.

I didn’t have long here at Shoreham, as I needed to make sure I was back in time to meet my friend, but I’d recommend it for pretty much anyone who wants a seaside stroll but hasn’t got time for lots of crowds. There’s also some sweet little beach huts at one end of the beach, which I presume everyone is as drawn towards as I am.

Another thing I realised while in Shoreham was just how lovely the colours of the sea along the south English coast are. While I’m beyond happy to be within a few minutes of beaches here in Cardiff, the water here has certainly more of a brownish tinge that’s not quite so impressive or breathtaking on an average day.

But all this just proves to serve, yet again, that you really can’t have everything in life.

Almost certainly not.

Distance – 1.63miles
Time – 0:52

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