11/05/2021: Ditchling Beacon

This was another day where I was waiting for calls from estate agents. Nobody really warns you that the house buying process involves a lot of sitting around waiting for phone calls. It’s more anxiety-inducing than waiting for a boy to send you a text, and what’s more, probably a touch more expensive in the long run.

Deciding I’d had enough of staring at the phone, and remembering that mobile phones can be transported somewhat easily, it was time to head out for a proper walk. Ditchling Beacon was just a 10 minute drive from my accommodation, and having been here on my previous trip I knew it would be beautiful.

Last time I came I crossed the road from the car park and headed “right”, so this time I decided to head “left” (don’t ask me for proper cardinal directions, I had left my compass at home). I thought it would be good to head towards the “Jack and Jill” windmills which are a couple of miles away from the car park.

Despite this being a long walk, the pictures you can take aren’t particularly varied. You’re looking out across many miles of beautiful views though, so it’s a good place to come for a good old think. As a bonus, just before the windmills, I came across a Dalmatian horse, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in real life before.

When you get close to the windmills, you realise that actually getting a good view of both of them is quite difficult. One of them is a private residence, a la Jonathan Creek, and the other is only open on certain days – today not being one of them. There was actually a gate in the way of the second, but I was able to stick my lens through to get a clear shot at least.

After I’d got here I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I decided to walk around some of the hills and found yet more animals to say hello to. Usually the dog goes a little wild at farm animals, but for some reason she was quite chilled out around these lovely brown cows – I always wonder if grazers like this appreciate the view they have all day every day, but perhaps I’m giving it too much thought.

Making my way back to the car park, it felt like the walk was going to last forever. I guess walking back along the route you’ve already been is a little boring (and it makes for a less exciting map shape than normal). Still, one can’t have everything in life…

Or can you?

Distance – 4.87miles
Time – 2:40

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