10/05/2021: Preston Park, Brighton

There’s going to be a run of walks (can you have a run of walks?) in and around Brighton for the next few posts. I treated myself to a week long break there – something I booked in the middle of lockdown when a week away to Brighton felt like the ultimate treat.

I stayed in the same place last year when I did a little tour around Britain before moving back to Cardiff, so it great to come back and stare at some both familiar and unfamiliar walls for a few days.

On my first day I didn’t get out until quite late as I’d been hanging on the telephone waiting for a house I was trying to buy (I didn’t get it), so I didn’t venture too far by the time I did manage to escape. I walked from the place I was staying down to Preston Park, which Wikipedia tells me is one of the largest urban parks in Brighton.

While walking around, the dog firmly planted herself and refused to move further until another sausage got near enough for her to have a sniff. I think she finds herself very at home among the hipsters of Brighton, particularly so in Preston Park.

I made my around the park and over to Preston Manor. Regular readers will by now be very aware of my penchant for graveyards. Imagine my delight to discover that there’s a little pet cemetery here, a relic of Victorian times. Given how much more I like animals than people, it seems a shame that we don’t seem to do this anymore. My favourite headstone told a macabre tale of a pet (doesn’t say of which variety) who was cruelly poisoned to meet their untimely end – however I’m told that animals that have worked in the service of the council can still be buried there today.

Making my way to the exit of the park, I managed to find another graveyard. Judging from the sizes here, they were for people, not pets. I was surprised to find a tomb for George Harrison – but I have to assume it’s not “that one”. Especially as he departed in 1866. Details, details.

It was soon time to head back to the holiday home to spend yet more hours scouring the pages of Rightmove.

Fun times.

Distance – 2.61miles
Time – 1:13

1 Comment

  1. Some gorgeous shots with that post, the tree in that last one! Fellow lover of a good graveyard here, bonus points for the pet cemetery though!


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