30/04/2021: Thompson’s Park & Victoria Park

A couple of weeks ago, the blossom in Cardiff was, well, blossoming. That combined with the light evenings made for some very pleasant after-work strolls. As I sit here listening to the wind howling and the torrential battering against the windows, it feels like even longer ago than it was.

Anyway, one such outing was a trip to both Thompson’s Park and Victoria Park, two charming parks in Canton, about 10 minutes walk from each other. I used to go both a lot when I lived in Canton. Now, I visit a bit less frequently, but they are still within walking distance.

Thompson’s is very close to my old house and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I must have walked around it. So many times that it’s probably my favourite park in Cardiff, if for no other reason than familiarity. I’ve always had a soft spot for the statue of the little boy towards the entrance, plus the sweet little duck pond just behind it.

There’s also a ginormous fallen tree that has been there god knows how many years, and has super smooth and shiny bark. The dog likes to run up and down it and pose like she’s in the Lion King. It’s the little things in life isn’t it – and she’s particularly little.

As well as all the blossom, the tulips were also looking fantastic too. Heading over to Victoria Park and there was even more, with the late evening light making them look particularly beautiful. Here there’s another one of my favourite statues – of the famous Billy the seal. A real-life seal who used to live in the park, and, despite the name, turned out to be a girl.

Every time I visit these parks I think to myself that I must make more of an effort to visit them more frequently. With a busy summer undoubtedly coming up, they’ll be good places to catch a breather.

Fingers crossed.

Distance – 3.64miles
Time – 1:43

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