27/04/2021: The Kymin, Monmouth

Well well well, I really am behind with these aren’t I?

It’s been the perfect storm of having lots of work, looking at properties to buy (my advice: don’t bother), and going on yet more holidays (my advice: do bother), and so I find myself two weeks and many walks behind. All I can do is offer my apologies to what I can only assume is my one remaining reader (hi Dad). If anyone else is reading this, please do let me know…

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to catch up eventually – being as for the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing little else but working and viewing houses, hopes remain somewhat high. But no promises.

A couple (or so) weeks ago, I was returning back from my trip to Birmingham. I’m always keen to stop somewhere on the way back from a trip as a way to both extend the trip and as a little freebie seeing as I’ll be passing through anyway.

Just as I’d gone to Ross on the way to Birmingham, on the way back, Monmouth was the obvious choice. The Kymin is a little National Trust managed place, just off the main road and up a very step, very windy hill. I’d been to the Kymin before, but I was keen to go at the moment while the bluebells are still out. I’d happened upon a post about best spots to see bluebells in South Wales (can’t remember where now, it was so long ago), so it seemed like a no brainer.

I was rewarded when I got there by being the only person in the car park (wahey), so I had the place pretty much to myself. According a couple of signs dotted around the place, this area, and indeed the whole of the Wye Valley was very popular in the 1800s as people were unable to travel abroad because of war in Europe. These days I think there’s something else that’s been going on stopping people venturing overseas.

Either way, it’s a very picturesque place, and even though the weather wasn’t ideal it was still a great place to look out over the town and across to the mountains in the distance. The bluebells were also covering the woodland floor, so it was most definitely worth the diversion.

I’ve got loads more walks to document from then until now – so let’s hope I can catch up soon.

Fingers crossed.

Distance – 1.27miles
Time – 1:10

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