26/04/2021: Sheffield

A week ago today – yes I am behind – I was lucky enough to visit Sheffield to see a good friend of mine. Being as I was staying in Birmingham, it was quicker to get to them than normal, plus, as a bonus, I’d never been to the city before so I was able to tick it off my list. Yes, another list.

It was another of luck in terms of the weather, with it being sunny pretty much all day. It meant that we were able to have not one, but two meals outside. I think that’s the first – and second – time I’ve eaten in a restaurant since about November, so as you can imagine it felt like quite the novelty. Especially the second time.

We started the day in Sheffield city centre, where my friend pointed out all of the water features in Sheffield. For some reason, virtually none of them actually had any water in them and I was left with the conclusion that there must be some kind of shortage in Yorkshire.

Later, we drove up to the Botanical Gardens, where I was treated to a cup of Yorkshire Tea, in Yorkshire! What a time to be alive. A great park, there was another water feature which wasn’t flowing – definitely something going on here. There was also a metal bear in a pit, a tribute to Victorian animal abuse. It reminded me a bit of the seal in Victoria Park (Cardiff).

After a driving tour around the city to show off some of the highlights (B&M being of particular note), we ended the day at Kelham Island, which I was disappointed to learn is not a real island but rather an artificial “goit” created in order to feed 19th century waterwheels. Personally I’d only ever heard the word “goit” when used as an insult in Red Dwarf, but it seems that I’m learning a lot of new words recently.

Here on Kelham Island is where we had our second meal – a pie and a drink for less than £6. I could grow to like the North. I was sad to leave, but pleased to have spent the day with an excellent tour guide, ticked something off my list, got to drive on the M1 for the first time ever (no idea why this pleased me) and eaten a pie.

What a day!

Distance – 21:14miles (including driving tour)
Time – 5:06 (including driving tour)

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