25/04/2021 – Part 1: King’s Norton

For my Midlands sojourn, I was staying in a house in King’s Norton, Birmingham. I’ve never normally had to stay in paid-for accommodation when visiting the Midlands before, but with Covid restrictions, this is now the second time I’ve stayed in the same place. It’s a cute little part of Birmingham, but I realised I’d not actually walked around the main part of it – time to put that right.

I headed to the park – as good a place as any to start an expedition I usually find – and walked across to the church and the green. St Nicholas’ Church dates back to the 13th century, with the spire going back to the 15th. At least that’s Wikipedia has just told me anyway. Despite being completely non-religious, I am a fan of its architecture and this was a good example.

Regular readers will also be aware of my slightly morbid enjoyment of walking around graveyards. Ok maybe it’s more than slightly morbid. Anyway, the graveyard surrounding the church here is a cracking example, with some very old graves and excellent accompanying stones. Some particularly extravagant, others less so but interesting all the same. I saw a “reserved” sign on one of them, which was a little chilling, though.

Just as concerning was the extremely old grave that appeared to have cracked “open” at the top at some point. Let’s just say I won’t be hanging around the yard after dark any time soon, just in case.

Near to the church are some other medieval buildings, including the Old Grammar School and the Saracen’s Head. Overall, it’s a charming place to have a walk around – and I was definitely glad I’d finally managed to explore it. Now, should I stay there again I can at least say that I didn’t just use it as a base, which is important to me for some reason.

Only intended as a quick checking out of the area, and with other things to do and places to be, I made my exit after a relatively short time. As I made my way back I noticed a large skateboard park.

If only I hadn’t left mine at home.

Distance – 1.54miles
Time – 47:11

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