24/04/2021: Clent Hills

Another day in the Midlands and today was all about meeting up with some of my oldest friends from high school. It’s quite scary to think you’ve been friends with someone for over twenty years – but also of course lovely.

With a combination of dogs, kids and restrictions, the most obvious thing to do was to go for a walk, naturally. I’ve no idea where the idea to go to Clent came from – I think it just popped into my brain while scrolling around a local(ish) map. I’d been there a few times as a kid, but probably haven’t been for the best part of 20 years either – it was about time to return.

This was another occasion where on the whole I was too busy chatting away to really concern myself too much with taking photos, but being as I have this content to provide, I was mindful to make sure I took at least some.

It was a great walk, and I was particularly impressed with the abilities of little kids to keep up, not complain and happily walk up big hills and so on. Decidedly less grumpy about such things than I have been in the past, that’s for sure.

As you’ll see from the map, it was pretty much a big circle. The woods were looking great, while the bluebells were out here and also looking lovely. I would go bluebell hunting again a few days later (look out for the post), and I’m hoping to sneak in at least one more hunt before the season is over.

After going slightly off the beaten track, we eventually made it back to the car park – it’s always a sense of relief to see it at the end of a walk when that happens.

Or perhaps that’s just me.

Distance – 2.71miles
Time – 2:28

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