23/04/2021: Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

There’s going to be a run of several England walks just as soon as I can get round to it, Anglophiles will be pleased to know. A fitting tribute considering it was St George’s Day recently, I suppose.

In my first full day in England since October, I spent the morning at Cannon Hill Park, having a lovely walk with my friend Annette, somebody who I met on a press trip in the before-times. We had a cracking week in Champagne where we laughed a lot, spent a lot of time asleep in a bus and I got a cold in a time when coughing and sneezing didn’t cause gasps while out in the public. Happy times.

Since Annette is a fellow midlander, we’ve now met up a couple of times when I’ve been back in the area – hopefully something I’ll be able to do a bit more of now that restrictions are easing off a little.

We didn’t really have a plan for the walk, we just wandered around while poor Annette got GBH of the earholes since I’m not used to having human company at the moment. She was very graceful in listening to my rabbiting on, though.

It was another gorgeous day – a theme that will continue across the next few walks (spoiler alert) – and Cannon Hill Park was looking beautiful, while I was surprised how quiet it was. Eventually we came across a large silver sculpture, a memorial to those killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia. I’m not always a big fan of modern public art, but I really liked this – especially as it was so shiny in the midday sun.

Before long, it was time for our walk to end and for us to go our separate ways.

Annette probably needed a rest if nothing else.

Distance – 2.08miles
Time – 2:03

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