22/04/2021: Ross-on-Wye

Time for my second walk in England of the year. As I was heading to Birmingham for a few days to catch up with folk from the homeland, I thought I’d stop off half way and have a little wander around this charming little town.

I don’t think I’ve been to Ross before, which is somewhat surprising considering I must have driven past it many many times on my way to and from Birmingham in the past. It’s doubly surprising once I realised that it’s pretty much only one road / 30 seconds off the A40.

According to the Wikipedia entry for the town, Ross-on-Wye promotes itself as the birthplace of British tourism. That seems like quite a big claim for the same country as London, the Scottish Highlands and Alton Towers, but what do I know. Still, it’s a perfectly lovely place and in the glorious sunshine, particularly so.

My first port of call was the riverside walk and I thought I’d head over towards a castle highlighted on the map. Sadly as I got close to it I realised it was now a private residence that you can’t even see from the roadside. A bit of a disappointment but imagine what it’s like to live in a castle!

Not being the biggest of places, luckily it wasn’t too much of diversion to go that way and I was soon back in the thick of the action, making my way through the Thomas Blake Memorial Garden and on to the cute high street. A bit like Hay-on-Wye (which I definitely have been to), there’s cute little antique, book and curio shops dotted around that again looked pretty special in the strong afternoon sun, backed by a deep blue sky.

I ended the walk by heading up to St Mary’s Church, and onto the Prospect, a lookout point from where you can see some great views of the surrounding countryside. Eventually it was time to head back to the car, which somehow I struggled to find for a little while, but it was no chore to go the long way around to return to it in a place like this.

Now that I know how easy and simple it is to stop off here, I’m sure I’ll do it again another time.

Why not?

Distance – 3.84miles
Time – 2:05

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