20/04/2021: Nash Point & Dunraven Bay

I had a day off from walks on the 19th because – hooray – I got the Covid vaccine. I wasn’t anticipating to get one for quite some time so was amazed when I got called up so soon. Amazed, but happy. Perhaps things can start to get properly back to normal quicker than we thought.

Monday was a day of high drama. Aside from the highlight of the vaccine, my friend (who is my support bubble) decided to fall down the stairs and I ended up taking him to hospital at 10.30pm. These days you have to make an appointment at A&E – what a world we live in. Anyway, he is fine but managed to break a couple of toes. Oh dear. As a treat for hop-a-long, I said I’d take him to the beach for some fresh air as he’ll be housebound for a while. A glimpse into the future – or arguably the past considering the year we’ve been through.

We started at Nash Point – which was his idea – and he managed to limp along the cliff towards the lighthouse. It’s pretty difficult to get down to the beach here at the best of times, and even less so if you don’t have full use of your extremities. So onwards we went to Dunraven Bay (Southerndown), which meant we could give our dogs a better airing, too.

Southerndown is probably my favourite beach – there’s just something about it, I think all the rocks and pools – as well as the super-flat sand – which always means I have a great time when I’m there. It also seems to be the dog’s favourite place to go too, her enthusiasm even stretching to wading into said pools to retrieve a ball. Considering this beast will go out of her way to walk around a puddle, it’s pretty impressive.

That was until I pushed her too far and the ball ended up in a particularly deep pool. I tried chucking her in to retrieve it but she swam right out and looked traumatised. I’m not sure she’s forgiven me, even now all these days later. So that was the end of the ball, hopefully a less-wimpish hound will be able to take it and get some enjoyment out of it instead.

Before long it was time to go home as the light – and warmth – was quickly fading. But we’ll definitely be back here sooner rather than later.

Hopefully with no broken bones.

Distance – 9.31miles (inc. driving)
Time – 2:14 (inc. driving)

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