18/04/2021: Roath Park

Having become a bit obsessed with leaving Cardiff – now that it’s legal again – I’d started to dismiss the notion that I could have a equally enjoyable meander within the confines of the city. It was time to right that wrong.

I’d seen a couple of locals post that there was an array of baby animals hanging about the lake at Roath Park and thought it was about time that I went and checked them out. We are lucky to have several lovely parks in Cardiff, but Roath has always been one of my favourites, and the resident wildlife is a big part of that.

I’d love to be able to cite the names of all of the different baby birds I saw, but my ornithological prowess is not strong enough. I’m not even sure if I’m looking at ducklings or goslings to be honest, but what I do know is that they were super cute. Even the dog decided she wouldn’t bark at them, so it seems they even won her over.

We weren’t treated to signets just yet though, but the adult swans have been fenced off to protect their nests. I saw one of them standing up and turning all of her eggs over. So transfixed was I by this process that I didn’t manage to get a shot of that. I’ll try and go back soon to see if the little ones have emerged yet.

Other areas of the park were also looking magnificent. Vibrant red tulips perfectly framed the newly whitened lighthouse, while the blossom trees were in full splendour. It was the perfect reminder that a walk doesn’t have to involve a full “day out”… but I’ve no doubt I’ll almost immediately forget this new idea.

Never mind.

Distance – 1.8miles
Time – 1:19

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