14/04/2021: Dyffryn Gardens

Restrictions being what they were, it’s not been possible to visit National Trust places like Dyffryn for a while. Now that we’re back on, you can go, but only if you book in advance to walk around a massive open-air space. Imagine the stories we’ll bore our descendants with.

Having made the decision to visit Dyffryn a few days previously, I sat there smugly all day as it was a glorious day. What a perfect day to book a visit to a National Trust property I thought (you’re also assigned specific time slots).

As if to punish me for such an attitude, an enormous black cloud appeared not 10 minutes before I was due to leave the house. Not knowing when I might be able to book another ticket, I decided to push on regardless – there has after all been several occasions on this thrilling blog where I’ve driven through a rainstorm to end up in brilliant sunshine. I’m starting to think it’s some kind of power I have.

And yet again it proved to be the case here, after driving through the driving rain and wondering if this time my luck was out, I arrived at Dyffryn to a massive sign warning anybody without a ticket they wouldn’t be welcome lest the place be too packed out and represent a Covid hazard. More happily, the downpour had stopped and had been replaced once more with blue skies.

Inside the grounds there were maybe two other people, possibly three. It can be hard to keep track of such a packed-out location, I suppose. Still, it allowed me to indulge my fantasy that Dyffryn is my very own private garden with no space for riff-raff.

I’ve been to Dyffryn many times before – it’s one of my favourite places to walk around. At the moment, not everything is open, and all of the flowers aren’t out yet – but it’s still looking pretty good. Fingers crossed that the summer will see even more restrictions lifted and one might be able to decide to walk around such a location at more of a whim.

As I came towards the end of my walk I wanted to take a picture of the house with the massive water feature in front of it. Sadly, somebody was selfishly cleaning said water feature and seemed to pay no attention to the fact he might be included in my shot.


Distance – 1.27 miles
Time – 1:15

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