12/04/2021: Clifton Suspension Bridge

I really am getting behind with these – the hordes of readers may start to complain at this rate. Seems unlikely.

On Monday something momentous happened. I was able to get back into England – the first time I’d been there since October. Wow. On Monday it was finally made legal to visit again for fun, so I knew I had to mark the occasion by going over there at pretty much the first opportunity.

It was ironic that for several weeks I wasn’t permitted to travel to Clifton – a mere 45 minutes from my house, but it was OK to traverse the length and breadth of Wales, much of which is significantly further away. But hey, I don’t make the rules (not yet).

I chose Clifton for a number of reasons. The aforementioned 45 minute journey time, the fact that I’ve been several times before and therefore know it reasonably well. And lastly, but not leastly, that enormous bridge – who doesn’t like those?

As is often the case with me, it took me a good old while to get round to leaving the house, but I love how light the evenings now are which gives extra time for dawdlers like me to still take advantage of the scenery. It was past 5pm by the time I arrived, but all that meant was that I got to enjoy the best of the evening light.

I’d intended to have a walk around Clifton itself once I’d done the obligatory back and forth over the bridge – which has been made Covid secure by stopping people from looking over the sides for far too long (I’m sure a very risky activity). However, my amble led me to a sign which said “zig zag path”, which I found too hard to resist. I found neither Zig nor Zag on this path, but I did find a view of the bridge I’d never seen before – winning.

From here, I made my way down to Hotwells, through Brandon Park and back again to Clifton. I’m planning another trip to Bristol at some point to walk around the waterfront and the city centre. It’s one of my favourite cities to visit, and days like Monday helped me to remember why. It was also quite a sight to see people outside enjoying a beverage or two – something we’re not yet permitted to do here in Wales of course.

Now that the great re-opening has taken place, I’ve been able to add a whole extra set of places to my ever-growing list of places to “have a walk”. The only problem is, when you have too much choice, it can be hard to settle on just one place to go.

Life’s tough, huh?

Distance – 4.61miles
Time – 2:38

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