09/04/2021: Cardiff Bay Barrage

Behind again – tssk. It’s almost as if having more freedoms means that I’m out of the house more often and for longer, or something.

I wasn’t sure I was going to do a post about this walk, as I took very few photos. But there’s two reasons why I didn’t – one, this was a social walk with a friend and his dog, so, I was too busy talking / laughing at the two maniacs running around after each other (my dog and his dog, you understand).

Two is that large swathes of the barrage was besieged with a plague – of biblical proportions – of mayflies. Seriously, so many of them that you had to be careful not to be having them for your dinner.

Thirdly – it was the third grey day in a row in Cardiff. It’d greyed over when I got back from West Wales, and the sun only returned this weekend when I stopped working again. I’d like to say I had some kind of control over the weather – but if that were true I’d definitely be making it warmer. I do not enjoy the cold.

As a result of the third one, the barrage wasn’t looking as delightful as it usually was. Unless you find concrete delightful, which I’m sure some people must do. It was pretty clear though and you could see all the way to England. I say all the way as if it’s far away – it isn’t. I’m looking forward to being let back in on Monday – I’ve bought yet another guidebook in preparation. It’s a spree.

However, because of the second one – the plague – I wanted to record and remember this bizarre event. I’m pretty sure I’ve never witnessed it before. On one of the pictures you can see them – it looks like nobody’s cleaned my camera’s sensor in about 50 years, but they are in fact these delightful creatures.

Not sure how many more mayflies we could tolerate before dinner, we headed back to the car to escape the swarm, hoping that next time it would be slightly fresher air.

Here’s hoping.

Distance – 1.57miles
Time – 51:22

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