06/04/2021: Strumble Head Lighthouse & Abereiddy – Porthgain

A busy few days of working (outrageous) means that I haven’t had time – until now – to finish editing the photos from the last day of my West Wales trip.

Looking at them again now, safe to say I know which day of this week I preferred. Still, since I returned the weather took a turn for the grey, so I win, really.

Waking up on Tuesday morning, it seemed like it might be of a bit of a greyout over there too, but by the time I’d faffed about and packed up the car, once again glorious blue skies greeted my eyes. It was still absolutely freezing and blowing a gale – but you can’t tell that in pictures, so that’s fine.

First I headed over to the Strumble Head Lighthouse. It’s a bit of a classic cliche place to visit, but I don’t mind that. I still hadn’t ever seen it with my own eyes and I thought today’s skies would make it a particularly good time to visit.

Meandering down tiny windy roads, the view was very definitely worth it. I’m still not – and probably never will be – bored of these beautiful coastal views with blue/turquoise seas. I just don’t see how it’s possible. After I’d taken 500 photos from different angles (only a slightly exaggeration), it was time to head to the next destination.

I’d chosen Abereiddy because I’d been keen to see the Blue Lagoon for quite some time – and at this point I was only about half an hour away. Pulling up, this was probably the most crowded area I’d seen in the past couple of weeks with about 20 cars in the car park. Imagine!

According to a website I’d read, the walk from Abereiddy over the cliff to Porthgain should take about 45 minutes. Well an hour and thirty minutes in and I still wasn’t there – far too many photo opportunities. At various points you’re also walking very close to a cliff edge and I don’t like to rush when I’m doing that.

A flock of sheep live on this cliff, which must be a pretty nice life for them. I wonder if they have any opinions on the view. They certainly had opinions on my dog who is not particularly keen on big white fluffy beasts and let her feelings known. Despite me restraining her very closely on the lead, the sheep took one look at her and ran off to the opposite side of the valley. Who can blame them.

Once I arrived at Porthgain, there was nothing much more to do than to head back to the beginning again. I’d not stopped at the Blue Lagoon on the way over since there were people jumping into it and I didn’t want them in my photos. By the time I got back, I pretty much had the place to myself – result.

The Blue Lagoon is the site of an old slate quarry, which was abandoned in 1910 and filled in – the colour comes from the minerals in the slate.

And that was that, another trip done and dusted. Time to head back to the real world.


Distance – 0.97 & 4.60 miles
Time -0:53 & 3:08

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