05/04/2021: Newport, Cardigan, Mwnt & Aberaeron

Once again I find myself a couple of days behind with this – something I don’t like to do since I easily forget where I’ve been. But when it came down a choice between sorting this out and having an extra long bath – I’m afraid the bath won (I don’t have one at home so it’s an extra special treat).

Today’s walk was actually four short walks across a 60 mile span. Nobody can say I don’t make the most of my holidays, that’s for sure.

As the house was relatively close to Newport (Pembrokeshire, not the other one), that seemed like the ideal place to start. I first went to a cute little beach called The Perrog, which is separated from the main Newport Sands beach by a river. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a river running through the middle of a beach before, so that was unusual.

Not fancying a swim across the water, I hopped back in the car and followed a sign for the beach which was found down a bunch of windy country lanes (like pretty much everything else around here). The beach itself was pretty empty, while gale force winds threatened to blow me into the sea at times. Still, the dog got zoomies and enjoyed dashing up and down the dunes. There’s definitely something about sand that does it for her.

After that, I took a little trip around the town itself. Once again, I found it to be almost empty – perhaps there was something good on the TV. Perhaps it was too cold, or perhaps everyone was inside eating Easter Eggs. I’m not entirely sure, but what I can say with certainty is that it’s a pretty town which is (arguably) a little more picturesque than the other more-famous Newport.

Next, I got back in the car and decided to head over to the town of Cardigan. I managed to walk all the way around it when it struck me that I’d actually been there before on a previous trip. Somehow I’d blocked it from my memory – now you know why I prefer to write things down quickly. In my defence, when I was last here I had some weird cough (pre-Covid, chill out), it was a super grey and the company I was in was pretty poor. No wonder I erased it from the memory banks.

Still, it was time to head on to the next destination, which I’d designated as Mwnt, a small beach further along the coast. I’d seen this beach in a “top secret beaches” feature in a Sunday paper once and enjoyed the name so much it stuck in my head. I’m not sure how something with a National Trust car park and a toilet block can be considered a secret, but I know feature writers don’t always stick to the headline (I know I don’t). This gorgeous little beach is surrounded by impressive cliffs, with a tiny little white church perched upon it. A great place to be buried, if ever there was one – though I suppose you wouldn’t really benefit from the view all that much at that point.

Next up was New Quay. Not to be confused with Newquay, in England. Well, imagine my surprise when I pulled up and immediately remembered I’d also been here before. FFS. I decided not to even bother getting out of the car at this stop since parking was limited and there was too many people about for my liking (at least 20).

Convinced it couldn’t happen a third time, I thought I’d try Aberaeron. Naturally, as soon as I drove into the town – yep, you’ve guessed it, I’d been there as well. That whole trip was lodged in the back of my mind somewhere, I guess. Still, Aberaeron was empty and it’s very cute, so I felt fine walking around this one. It’s a picturesque little seaside town, with lots of colourful houses – my favourite. This place being empty I suspect was more to do with the now bracing wind which was starting to make things a little unpleasant.

Still, at least the sun was shining which makes it look good in photos.

And that’s all that matters.

Distance – 59.49miles (including driving)
Time – 6:30 (including driving)

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