04/04/2021: Fishguard & Goodwick

Another weekend and time for another adventure. This time it was out west and although the drive wasn’t quite as stunning as last week’s meander through the mountains, in the glorious sunshine it wasn’t too shabby.

Last night I was having a real rock n’ roll Saturday, reading a magazine about Country Walks. Yes I know, don’t get jealous. There happened to be one for the area near to where I’m staying, so it seemed like a good place to head to first. The area in question being Goodwick, just above the coastal fishing / ferry port of Fishguard on the far west coast.

I wondered with it being Easter Sunday if it might be busy, such as it has been closer to home, but yet again I found myself in the company of precisely nobody. I’m starting to wonder if it’s something I said.

The walk was supposed to be a five mile / two hour jaunt, but being as I managed to go wrong at the start and then found myself on a perilous cliff edge, I decided to turn back when I’d only done a couple of miles. I’m not sure mountain rescue would operate over here, with it not being a mountain – better to not take the risk.

Still, the view was stunning with a gorgeous blue sky sitting above a gorgeous blue sea. Considering I’m more used to the muddy brown waters of the Bristol channel, it was lovely to see what seawater is supposed to look like.

I wanted to have a look at the town itself too, so I didn’t feel too guilty about giving up on the walk half way around. Driving down into the town, I found this to be a lot more populated – there were at least half a dozen people wandering about.

Parking in the Lower Old Town, I walked up a big hill to get to the town. The view over the harbour was pretty great, but my legs are not used to hills having spent too long living in flat(ish) Cardiff. Still, at least I knew I was earning my Easter eggs.

I loved the colourful houses and buildings of the main town, but of course with everything still closed, it was a pretty deserted place. Maybe they’ve all travelled to Barry Island and Pen Y Fan, if reading Wales Online is anything to go by.

Tomorrow the forecast isn’t looking so marvellous, but I’ve learned not to trust that so we’ll see what happens. And if worse comes to worse, I can always just spend the day eating more Easter eggs.

That’s allowed until at least Tuesday, right?

Distance – 3.09 & 1.70 miles
Time – 2:01 & 1:00

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