03/04/2021: Cathays Park

In anticipation of another upcoming few days of “big walks”, and having to make up some working time, today it was just a short stroll, and a local one at that.

I wanted to make sure I went to see the blossom lest it be about to disappear soon. Cathays Park has always been a fantastic place to find it. It’s a little bit crazy that I’ve been wandering around this park since 2005 (not continuously, obviously – that would be a lot bit crazy).

Weirdly, despite the parking being almost completely empty, I pulled up – without even thinking – in front of my old university building (Bute). Perhaps having spent so many hours in there in another lifetime, it has some sort of gravitational pull over me. Or something. These days, the journalism students have a lovely new building complete with windows and all sorts of other luxuries. They don’t know they’re born – still they’re paying enough for it, I guess.

Most of the trees were in full blossom, so I’m glad that I went over today – the light being lovely was an added bonus. I wandered over to Gorsedd Gardens as well, which was looking fantastic with the tulips. It’s a relatively short window for it to look like this, so if you happen to be nearby, best to strike now.

Tomorrow I’m off for another trip away – I may have gone just a little bit wild since the restrictions were loosened, but who knows when they might be tightened again. This time I’m off west, and yet again I’ve made another list of places to see. I’m not sure the dog has recovered from the last trip away – but she might be more intuitive than I give her credit for as she’s taken herself off to bed in anticipation.

Perhaps I should have done the same?

Distance – 1.04miles
Time – 51:13

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