02/04/2021: Tredegar House

I’m still not quite sure how it’s Easter already, it definitely truly was only Christmas about two weeks ago. But, here we are.

After having a couple of days off from “proper” walks, I could resist no longer and with a bank holiday, beautiful sunshine and the freedom to roam, I thought I’d head for somewhere that had been closed for months – a National Trust property being the obvious choice.

Tredegar was actually my second choice (sorry Tredegar), since Dyffryn Gardens was fully booked. I’ll have to save that for another day. You have to be seriously “on it” to secure a spot at most properties at the moment – but hopefully it will calm down after the holidays. As I arrived, the car park looked pretty full, but once inside the perimeter of the house (i.e. the bit you have to pay to go in), it was pretty empty – seems like everybody else was in the adjacent park instead.

I’ve been to Tredegar House a few times – I remember once a few years ago before I could drive I even got the bus there. What a novel idea that now feels like.

The beautiful gardens here were looking great in the bright sunshine, with the magnolia blossom being particularly special. I can’t wait to see how Dyffryn is looking, because using Tredegar as a barometer, that should be nothing short of resplendent.

For those interested in the history of such things, Tredegar House dates from the 17th century, and has been in the care of the National Trust for just short of 10 years. If you’ve ever watched The Antiques Roadshow (come on, own up, you’re addicted), then you will have seen the gates of Tredegar in the opening credits. What a claim to fame.

There’s also a military horse (Sir Briggs) buried in the garden, one which served at the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava. I seem to recall somebody telling me that the horse is buried standing up, requiring an enormous grave. The monument to said horse is still there today – pretty extravagant burial site.

Of course you can’t go inside any of the buildings at the moment (not that I can anyway with my persona non grata four-legged companion), so we weren’t here all that long. I have a few other places in/near Newport on my ever-expanding list of “places to go” so we might just pop in more frequently than I have previously.

The dog has come to expect a certain standard of walk locations, after all.

Distance – 1.21miles
Time – 1:14

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