30/03/2021: Tal-y-Llyn, Castell-y-Bere, Dolgoch Falls & Tywyn

For my last day of the trip, the sun really came out in force – in fact somebody told me it was the hottest day of the year, but was annoyed at the sentiment as it’s only March. You can’t please everybody.

I’d had half a mind to travel up to Barmouth, having attempted to go here on an earlier rainy day but being too much of a wimp to get out of the car in the middle of the torrential rain and howling gale. At the time, the dog was also giving me eyes and I gave in and drove away. Today, I decided that going all the way up there was a bad decision on the day I needed to drive back down to Cardiff. Instead, I stuck relatively local to the cottage.

An old friend of mine gave me some tips for the area, having grown up in it (lucky bugger). The plan was to head over to the nearby(ish) Tal-y-Llyn lake, and then onwards to some other places nearby. Driving to the first spot in the glorious sunshine made quite a change from the previous days’ driving and gave another perspective on the gorgeous surroundings. I started to feel quite emotional that I was soon to be leaving.

On arriving at the lake I was astounded to find, yet again, there was not a single soul around. Seriously, how can places like this be so empty – surely there’s nothing better to look at if you live around here? Maybe everybody’s bored of these views by now and they’d all rather be sitting at home watching Homes Under the hammer or something.

Anyway, once I’d taken the obligatory 17 identical photos of the frankly pretty spectacular view, which was just right there, right next to where you park your car (unbelievable), I headed off through the winding roads of the woodlands to find the next bit – Castell Y Bere.

Castell Y Bere is a little ruined castle with views of the surrounding mountains and hills including Cadair Idris and Craig yr Aderyn. Not too shabby. While here I also saw several sheep and lambs, just going about their business. I concluded that today was going to be the day when I’d finally get some pictures of lambs and so hiked off with my telephoto lens in my backpack. Selfishly, they buggered off before I could do anything about it.

With the day heating up, I thought I’d head towards a beach, but I had no phone signal up here. Not having any idea where I was going, I drove through the woods hoping to pick up some before I eventually had to make a decision whether to go left or right. I plumped for left and ended up at a car park for the Dolgoch Falls – a fortuitous piece of luck if ever there was one, if I’d had signal I’d probably have completely missed this little gem.

Later, back in the car, it was time to once again attempt heading for the beach. I knew Tywyn wasn’t too far away, but on driving through the town I noticed a little walk was possible around the salt-water lagoon. Well, I’d already done a castle, a lake, waterfalls and mountains today – I might as well throw in a lagoon too. It was here that I finally managed to capture (photographically) those elusive lambs I’d been chasing all day too, a double win.

Finally, I made it to the beach to finish off the day. The dog looked at me in disgust when I told her we were about to go for yet another walk today, but she soon cheered up once she saw the sand. I did my best to breathe in all the sea air, before clambering back into the car ready for the long drive home. The dog is still getting over all this action two days later.

As am I.

Distance – 25 miles (inc. driving)
Time – 5:40 (inc. driving)

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