29/03/2021 Part One: St Asaph & Colwyn Bay

I’m behind on updating the walks, but after an exhausting (but fun) few days, I’ll probably have a few days off now to catch up… the dog needs it even more than I do. Yesterday I actually did three different walks, but I’ve split them into two different posts for the sake of brevity – or something.

The poor weather looked like it was set to stay but the forecast looked a little bit more promising even further north. I thought I’d take the opportunity to cross off another of my silly ambitions and visit St Asaph, meaning I can now say I’ve been to every city in Wales. One day I hope to make it around all the cities in the UK – there are 70 and I’m about half way there, by the way.

Only officially recognised as a city in 2012, I tried not to be annoyed when a set of new cities got added to the list several years ago when I decided on this random ambition. St Asaph is the second smallest city in the UK, so my walk around it didn’t exactly take long. In fact I could have finished it in about 10 minutes if I hadn’t stopped to take a couple of pictures.

As well as the excitement of fulfilling a box-ticking exercise, there was also the fact that I’d finally found where they hide the sunshine in North Wales, as the sky up here was about as gloriously vibrantly blue as it’s possible to be.

I’d decided that I’d head back in to Snowdonia in the afternoon, but with sunshine like this, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to also pop to the beach. The route showed me that I would go through or close to a few decent options, including Rhyl and Abergele, but I settled on Colwyn Bay pretty much for the sole reason that I’d been wondering what it was like since the Spaced finale back in 2001. That’s a solid 20 years of wondering, so another box ticked.

The dog very much loved another opportunity to be on the beach – for whatever reason, she will only chase a ball on sand. Weirdo.

After about an hour or so of promenading we headed back to the car ready for part two of the day. The dog didn’t seem overly keen – there are days when she’s lucky if she gets a 20 minute jaunt around the block, so I think she’d started to think she’d been naughty with all this enforced movement. I knew she’d enjoy it once we got there though – but part two will show off exactly why I did.

See you then.

Distance – 0.88 & 1.75 miles
Time – 0:28 & 1:20

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