28/03/2021: Precipice Walk, Dolgellau

Last night I went to sleep to the peaceful sounds of winds howling and rain lashing against the roof. Still, it makes a change from the city centre cacophony I’m usually subjected to. It was pretty relaxing, but I was less enthusiastic about it when I woke up to the same noise this morning.

Still, I’m British and if I’ve paid for a trip I’ll be damned if I’m not going to go out and enjoy it, no matter how godawful the forecast is. I set off when the weather had pared down to a fine drizzle in the (naïve) hope that maybe there’d be a dramatic change of fortunes.

I felt like a proper rambler today. I even had a backpack, filled with all the essentials (jaffa cakes, dog treats and a spare lens or two, obviously). I’d read online about the Precipice Walk and with it being not too far away it seemed like a safer bet than going all the way towards Snowdon.

It might not have been far away but the short drive over to Dolgellau was another stunner, in spite of – or perhaps because of – the less than utopian conditions. I decided then and there that if nothing else is achieved on this trip, getting to drive through such lush scenery has made it all very worth it.

On pulling up to the car park I looked to my right and noticed a trio of serious walkers. You know, the type with crampons and proper trousers. I’d been led to believe that this was an easy walk – what was I letting myself in for? Again my British resolve came out and I decided that somebody on TripAdvisor would have warned me if I’d needed proper hiking gear for this escapade and everything would *probably* be fine.

Off I went up the mountain – no idea what happened to my walking friends as I didn’t see them again. Their car was gone by the time I got back though so I can only assume they survived. I only came across two other people on the walk itself, one of which commented that it was a “big hike for a little dog”. I soon put them right that she’d been up Pen Y Fan and it was me that was the real hindrance of our duo.

After that I was completely alone (well, aside from the dog). I meandered around the edge of the mountain – the precipice walk is accurately named – while the wind tried its best to knock me off course. It crossed my mind more than once that all it would take would be a mistimed step and I’d be making a rather loud splat onto the ground below. Still – you’ve got to do something to occupy your time haven’t you?

The views were great – I can only imagine what they’d be like if it wasn’t obscured by so much mist. That said, perhaps it also obscured quite how high up we were at times. I wouldn’t recommend this walk to anyone with even a slight fear of heights.

I found myself apologising to the dog for the barrage of wind and rain, I’m not sure she signed up for all of this nonsense, but she just looked at me as if I was even more insane than usual. She’s not wrong.

Upon reaching the other side of the mountain I found my pathway blocked by some natives. We had a stare off until my companion barked them into submission and they went tumbling down the side of the mountain. Don’t worry, they were sheep and are used to such journeys I’m sure.

It was at this point that I had no idea how far I was from the end of this walk and with very little in the way of phone signal and very much in the way of sheet rain battering my face, I hoped it wouldn’t be very long. Luckily I was soon rewarded with the other end of the lake that I’d seen at the start of the walk, and all of a sudden I was back down to ground level.

Turns out I didn’t need the crampons after all!

Distance – 3.69miles
Time – 1:55

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