27/03/2021 Part 2: Aberdyfi

At times, while driving up to the final destination I felt like I was in a car advert. The only person on the mountain road at times and the beautiful surroundings, I had to keep pulling over to take in the view properly, so it ended up taking longer than it should.

Once I finally arrived at the cottage I was pretty much prepared to settle in for an exciting afternoon of watching slightly dubious shows such as Money for Nothing and Ready, Steady, Cook (who knew that was back?!).

The rain had started and thought there wouldn’t be much doing if I ventured back out again. After a little while, the rain stopped and was replaced here by a bland, white sky. But, I remembered that I was here only for a few days and it was worth a look even if I turned right back round again when I got there.

Settling on Aberdovey (Aberdyfi in Welsh) as it’s only 20 minutes away, I knew it was the right decision as soon as I was en route. I could see I was heading for slightly brighter skies and either way, I knew that getting to walk on some proper sand was going to be treat.

When I pulled up, the light was lovely and soft, while the clouds were providing plenty of drama. My favourite. There’s not many beaches I’ve been to which have a mountain (hill?) range in the background, and coupled with the fact that there was nobody about – I really felt like I’d lucked out. Yet more irony that I’ve come far away to an empty location – I doubt the same could be said for the beaches closer to home.

The dog was overwhelmed with the excitement of feeling real sand between her toes, something she’s been deprived of for some months. Many many zoomies later and we headed back to plan more trips for the coming days – admittedly I did more planning than her. We just have to hope that there are some gaps in the rain showers just like today.

Fingers crossed.

Distance – 1.19miles
Time – 51:44

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