27/03/2021 Part 1: Brecon

Today is such an exciting day that I have been on not one, but two, walks. In two completely different locations. Oh the freedom!

As of today, those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Wales have been given dispensation to travel where we like throughout the country. It’s ironic that I’m allowed to drive all the way up to North Wales but not over the Bridge to England, but there we are – I don’t make the rules.

I am going to be spending a few days in North/Mid Wales, so I decided to break up the journey by having a little walk around Brecon (the town) before I got there. It was a no-brainer since I had to drive through it en-route anyway.

It’s a cute little town, and I was pleased to see it wasn’t overwhelmed with throngs of newly-liberated walkers such as myself. Having never been before, I didn’t have a particular route in mind but I figured the Cathedral was as good a place to aim for as any.

Once there, I saw a sign pointing towards a bridge and decided to follow it. After 15 minutes and no sign of this bridge anywhere I gave up on my mission and headed back. I don’t like going back on myself for the sake of the shape of the map, but sometimes needs must. Another thrilling story that I’m sure will be an exciting interlude when I sell the film rights to this blog.

Keen to get all the way to my final destination before the rain set in, I headed back for the car and carried on the journey. Part two of this truly intense day will be coming up later, depending on how tired I feel.

Maybe tomorrow.

Distance – 3.28miles
Time – 1:30

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