26/03/2021: Nant Fawr Wood

I had the day off today – a very rare treat for a Friday. As per usual, the day has whooshed by, but I managed to get out for a substantial walk again at last. The only place I’ve been the last couple of days is a quick whizz round the block, so it was nice to do something proper.

At first I had the idea to go and check out the blossom situation, but I wasn’t entirely convinced there was much to see. I had asked a friend earlier in the week how it was looking in Cathays Park, but was told there was nothing doing. I had a quick look for myself just to make sure he wasn’t mistaken (it has been known), but it turns out he was right (damn).

I decided therefore, to drive up towards Llanishen Reservoir. Last time I meandered around this place, probably a couple of years ago in the before-times, the reservoir was nothing more than a puddle so I was keen to see how much progress had been made with the refilling project.

Parking up at the bottom of Nant Fawr wood, I drove through the sunshine only for the heavens to open pretty much the minute I switched off the engine. Not to be put off, I marched the less-than-thrilled dog out and thought it was likely to pass just as quickly as it had arrived. I was rewarded with the gamble as brilliant sunshine appeared less than five minutes later – oh Wales.

I made my way through the woods and just as I was getting close to the reservoir, an unexpected hail shower suddenly appeared and the dog started crying like the drama queen she is. I looked at her helplessly and hoped I hadn’t made a terrible mistake by coming on this jaunt. Fortunately, the storm passed in about 30 seconds and left us with a rainbow in its place. Nice.

Unfortunately, the reservoir is currently fenced off so you can’t get that close to it, but the amount of water in it already is fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project, which should make it an interesting destination once it’s done.

I ended the walk by plodding through the fancy suburbs of Lisvane and its many ‘Grand Designs’ esque type houses. I wondered if I ever might find myself fortunate to live in somewhere similar. Probably not.

Yesterday we got the confirmation that the “stay local” restrictions would now be ending and that from Saturday, we can travel anywhere we like within Wales. To say I’m excited is an understatement, and there’ll be some much more exciting – well to me anyway – places on this blog in the days to come.

Stay tuned!

Distance – 3.6miles
Time – 1:30

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