22/03/2021: Bute Park

I’m late again uploading this – the latest excuse is that I felt compelled to go on a late night spending spree in Tesco to celebrate the end of the “non-essentials” ban. I bought a vase and two candles. The excitement and fun truly never stops.

Today (to flip back to pretending it’s still yesterday), I wanted to stay more local after the trauma of getting lost the day before. I’ve started to get a bit fed up of Bute Park through no fault of its own, but it’s still a great place to walk around.

When I was getting lost in the woods over the weekend I found myself asking where everybody is. Indeed, I even asked it on this blog. I think I discovered the answer today – they’re all in Bute Park. People everywhere. It’s almost as if spring is here and the evenings are lighter and milder. Madness!

The light was beautiful and I noticed that the blossoms were pretty much all out. This feels earlier than usual, but perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me, it wouldn’t be the first time. I decided I’d go out on a “blossom hunt” in the next couple of days to explore properly, and take a better camera with me to catch them in their full splendour.

Once again it was a thrill to be able to walk over the Blackweir Bridge. I walked across it in the opposite direction today just to mix things up. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live. An overenthusiastic stomper was on the bridge at the same time as me, causing it to bounce and jiggle all over the place. The dog didn’t know what was going on. I’m not sure I did either.

The weather forecast keeps promising grey days and surprising us with little spells of sunshine, so I might have to resist my natural urge to stay glued to the sofa until my planned trip at the weekend. After a few long walks, it’s very tempting to revert back to my normal vegetative state. I’m trying harder to keep moving though, as it seems to help.

Fingers crossed.


Distance – 3.2miles
Time – 1:09

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