20/03/2021: Fforest Fawr

I am a day behind in my broadcasts – tut tut. The excuse is that I was up until way past bedtime chatting to an old school friend (online), and I like to think a bit of real human interaction takes precedence over this. So here I am, catching up on a Sunday morning. Easy.

Yesterday’s weather was a bit of a non-starter. No sun, no rain, no anything. Just a big expanse of boring white sky. As such, I figured it would be a good day to go to a forest, where the sky isn’t the main feature anyway. So off I trotted (drove) up to Fforest Fawr in the north of Cardiff.

The car park was predictably pretty full but I’ve no idea where the owners of the cars went because as soon as I entered the forest proper I discovered I was alone. Some people might find that isolating, but I like it – especially as it means there’s nobody around to ruin my photos.

I headed down towards Castell Coch, because who doesn’t like a fairytale castle, and got the dog to do the obligatory pose outside. I then headed back up through the woods where I took a diversion around the sculpture trail – one of my favourite things to see in Cardiff. That’s the little sticky out bit on the left of the map, in case you’re interested.

Yesterday I went back to using the Nikon Z7 II. It’d sat on my shelf for a few weeks and I thought the Forest would benefit from a 20mm wide-angle lens. I took a couple of other lenses with me, but I needn’t have bothered as they just stayed in my bag.

We’ve now got less than a week to go – in theory – until the stay local restrictions are lifted and we are permitted to go wherever we like in Wales. I’ve booked a little road trip to give me the opportunity to stare at different walls for a few days. It may or may not be cancelled as the week progresses – but it gives me something to be hopeful about for a few days, which is nice.

There’s also just a week to go until the clocks go forward and we get an extra hour of light in the evenings. Coupled with a relaxation in rules, the potential for walks will be off the scale. It’s a good job I’ve upgraded my storage.

Truly an exciting update, I know.

Distance – 4.02miles
Time – 1:57

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