17/03/2021: Severn Grove

I wasn’t actually going to go for a “proper” walk today. The promised sun didn’t really turn up and I had lots of work to do. But as we probably all know by now, even a quick swizz round the block is better than nothing.

A friend of mine recently commented that I have a thing for detail shots. Probably some kind of an insult knowing this friend, but it’s definitely a true fact. Having also been discussing a feature about the Fujifilm X70 with a colleague earlier in the week, I decided to grab that and see how many detail shots I could take in a very short period of time and on a very short walk.

In fact, this was one of the reasons for starting the blog in the first place. I wanted to be more “mindful” (to use a trendy phrase) while out on our enforced exercise breaks, paying more attention to my surroundings and looking for small details that I might have otherwise just breezed straight past.

Today was a fun little exercise which I really enjoyed. I think I feel more like “a photographer” when I do things like this, rather than the more straightforward record shots I might otherwise take to document a walk, a trip or a holiday. The Fujifilm X70 is a cracking little camera, and being restricted to just one focal length is always a good way to focus your mind a little bit more. There’s nothing alarmingly special about these shots, but I think they do hang together nicely as a set and perhaps tell more of a story than a single more contextual shot might.

I’ve had a quick look at the weather forecast for the next few days. Grey, grey and more grey. But hey, it was supposed to be wall-to-wall sunshine today so hopefully it’s just random nonsense that might be wrong, and might not be.

Let’s find out.

Distance – 1:34miles
Time: 46:00

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