16/03/2021: Penarth Marina

Today was such a gloriously beautiful day that it could easily be considered a crime to stay inside. There was more buildings work going on outside as well, so it really was a no brainer.

I’m sure I’ll get bored of driving for my walks in just a few days, but while it’s still such a huge novelty I decided to take full advantage and drive a few miles to Penarth to start my journey at the marina. As far as I’m concerned, a walk isn’t really complete unless there’s some form of water in the immediate vicinity. If there’s boats too, then that’s definitely a bonus.

Grangemoor Park has long been on my list of places to go – who can resist an incredible view of IKEA after all – so as the two are relatively close, I decided to combine the two. This is yet another place that I’ve never been – I’m not sure what I spent the last 15 years doing, but it certainly wasn’t schlepping round random places in Cardiff.

This walk also involved crossing county lines (Vale of Glamorgan to Cardiff, and back again). I came across a Covid sign warning you not to go any further, presumably a leftover from the “county lockdown” we had a few months ago. An utterly bizarre (if arguably necessary – don’t ask me) rule that meant that people living within a few feet of a county border would be breaking the law by walking to the end of their street. Madness.

Now that we’re allowed out for pleasure, and not just for exercise, I went totally crazy while on this expedition. That’s right, I sat on a bench. Twice. When we bore to death the youth of the future with Covid-chat, do we think they’ll believe that it was illegal to sit on a bench? I’m not sure I believe it even now.

As I drove back, the light was incredible. I saw a thousand potential photo opportunities out the window. Mostly involving people framed by amazingly contrasty light. I probably wouldn’t have the chutzpah to actually take said photo if I was out on the street, so the mental pictures are more than enough for now.

Tomorrow’s weather looks to possibly be even better than today. Alas I have a lot of work to do, so in the interests of brevity, I might have to return to traipsing around the block again, just like old times. I can’t wait for the clocks to go forward and we get a much needed extra hour of light in the evenings.

Roll on spring.

Distance – 4.11 miles
Time – 1:58

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