15/03/2021: Cosmeston Lakes

Well it’s the start of yet another new week, the first full week of semi-relaxed restrictions. Today I decided to head over to the next county for a walk around a country park, just a few miles from home. Although it has been frustrating to be confined to home – and now local areas – it has definitely done wonders for reminding me just how many different locations can be found without having to add double digits to the milometer.

Cosmeston is one such place. I’ve been a handful of times in the past, but definitely not for a long old time. As I took myself off the main path and into the woods and across the fields, it felt somewhat ironic that despite my journey here only being possible due to the new rules, this was probably the least busy place I’ve been in the past few months. At one point I did a full 360 and couldn’t see another person at all. Bliss!

The weather forecast said it was going to brighten up later in the day, but somebody was drilling outside my office window in the morning, so I took it as a sign that I should perhaps leave the building instead. The dull weather and the still mostly-barren leaves and boggy fields, along with the lack of other people, gave it an other-worldly feeling that my morbid brain probably preferred to brilliant sunshine, so it was all good.

I haven’t mentioned it for a while, but I’m still using the Panasonic LX100 Mark II for the majority of the photos in my recent posts. It’s been pretty much the perfect camera for these little escapades, but I’m hopeful that something new and exciting will be available to review sooner or later.

Tomorrow looks to be another decent day weather wise. With the sun getting warmer, the days getting longer, and fewer restrictions imposed upon us, it’s almost starting to feel normal again.


Distance – 2.71miles
Time – 1:30

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