14/03/2021: Whitchurch

Keen to make the most of the new rules, today meant catching up with one of my oldest friends. Having known each other since we were 19 we now seem to spend a lot of our time discussing how old we seem to have gotten. A perfect example is the fact that yesterday I sprained my neck doing absolutely nothing. Just spasmed, completely out of nowhere while I was standing still. Still hurts now – is this what we have to look forward to from now on?

My friend lives in Whitchurch, somewhere I’ve not spent an awful lot of time, but somewhere that whenever I’ve driven through I’ve thought hmm, might be nice to live up here. We got to talking about where I might end up living when I finally decide what I want to be when I grow up. The problem with permanently working from home is that you can live wherever you like.

That might not sound like a problem, but just like my neck, I find myself paralysed with indecision. When you can live anywhere, making a big decision is too difficult. So the result is, you don’t decide anything and wait for your life to just whoosh by your ears while you’re waiting. I expect I’ll probably get my act together when I’m in my late 70s – maybe.

Anyway, having not seen my friend in a few months, there wasn’t much motivation to take pictures, so I’ve only got a few. We wandered past this cute church and I remarked how it looked like it had a great graveyard – and told him about some others that you can find around Cardiff. Why this person has been friends with me for 400 years, I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

I can’t describe how much I’m loving the freedom to drive around without impunity again, even if it is restricted to just a few miles for now. The weather forecast for the next week looks “OK” so I’ll be trying to tick off a few more places from my new list (have I mentioned how much I love lists?).

It’s almost as much as graves.

Distance – 3.06miles
Time – 1:15

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