13/03/2021: Cardiff Bay Barrage

Today we were afforded some new freedoms by those on high. Just like our friends over the bridge, we’re now permitted to jump in the car and move beyond our immediate vicinity for no other reason than “because”. This extreme lockdown has been going on since December 22nd – it’s hard to believe we’ve had to put up with it for nearly three months, doesn’t time fly when you’re slowly losing your mind?

Keen to make the most of my new found almost-freedoms, I headed over to the barrage in my car. Such a novelty. To my surprise, I was not met by the hoards of tourists I was told would be there if we allowed people to move further than their front doors. Thank god!

I expect the unpredictable and very cold weather played a part in that, though. Maybe it was ordered in especially for today, to make sure that we didn’t get too carried away.

Having crossed the barrage I managed to walk around yet another bit of Cardiff I don’t believe I’ve set foot on before. I’m not really sure why (other than that in the beforetimes, walking around aimlessly was less appealing, I suppose). I made my way around the “Roath Basin” which has a bunch of cute little bridges. I’m not sure if they are Covid secure bridges or not, but fortunately with only a couple of others in the vicinity, it was probably fine. Hopefully.

Because I like lists, and I like content, I’ve written down a selection of places I can go “locally” for the next two weeks while we await even further opening up. Turns out there’s more in the local vicinity than I realised, so the excitement might be almost unbearable. I might have to sit down and write another list. From the 27th, we’re told that we should be able to go anywhere in Wales, which at this stage feels unbelievably exotic.

Where would you go first?

Distance – 3.42miles
Time – 1:25

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