09/03/2021: Blackweir Bridge

It’s been almost a year since the powers-that-be concluded that walking over a bridge in the open air was a public health risk. I spent roughly half that time not living here, but as soon as I returned it became a sore spot, something to get unnecessarily wound up about and somewhere to stand looking longingly at the other side of it.

Imagine my excitement (yes, really) when I found out last week that the bridge – now Covid secure due to an informative sign being put up (a big help) – had at last been opened, and we were all once again free from the shackles of enforced extra long walks to find another way to traverse the river.

Although I’ve taken the opportunity to bore anyone who will listen to death about this blooming bridge, in a way, it being closed has meant that I discovered lots of different routes I might not have otherwise taken. Arguably therefore, an over-the-top panicked reaction to the current crisis has done me – and presumably others like me – a favour of sorts. It also means that my excitement to walk over it has reached heights it would almost certainly never have before, so, again, yeah thanks, I guess.

The weather forecast told me that it was going to be grey all day. As we all learned from B*Witched in the 90s, weathermen (now people), are not to be trusted. I was therefore delighted to discover that the sun was still hanging around until lunchtime today. Apparently tomorrow we can look forward the normal programmed service of rain, rain and more rain. At least it’ll keep that blinking bridge from becoming overcrowded!

On the way back round to an even more Covid-secure bridge, I came across a completely unintimidated squirrel, who saw no reason to run away from me. The dog – having spent most of her life chasing squirrels – couldn’t believe she was so close to one and completely froze on the spot. She had the opportunity to live her greatest dream and finally do whatever it is she wants to do to one, and got completely overwhelmed.

We’ve all been there.

Distance – 2.8miles
Time – 1:17

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