08/03/2021: Hadfield Road

Well, it’s been another beautifully lit day. Hooray. I had the thrilling task of taking my car in for a service, and decided I’d do the unthinkable – walk to and from the garage to drop it off and pick it up. Whatever next? Fortunately, the weather gods were on my side and rewarded me for my super-earnest effort to get some steps – and some content – by providing the goods on both occasions.

This also involved walking around extremely-familiar areas, but that I’m almost certain I’ve only ever driven around before. A new-found perspective on such highlights as Asda, Lidl, McDonalds and an enormous roundabout by a bunch of car dealerships were provided. I mean, lockdown truly doesn’t get any more exciting than that does it?

For the first time – and quite possibly last time – I split my walk into two halves but purposefully took a different route each time, such is my concern for creating pleasing shapes on the map. You’ve got to have a hobby, right?

The light on the second leg of this jaunt was particularly pleasing, and once again, turned the mundane into something more attractive than perhaps it might be on the usual grey Mondays we are generally treated to. While all this was going on, the dog stayed at home watching The Simpson’s, so my walking pace went through the roof. Not having to stop to sniff every other blade of grass (the dog, not me) can do wonders for that.

Tomorrow, we are supposedly to be treated to “light cloud” all day. All good things most certainly do come to an end, it seems.

Oh well.

Distance – 4.68miles
Time – 1:38

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