06/03/2021: Cowbridge Road East

It’s been nearly a full week since I’ve posted on here. How times change. I did go for a “recorded” walk earlier in the week, but having been distracted by multiple things, I’m not sure if I should do a backdated post (effort…).

Today was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. For once in my life, I’m not being sarcastic. It was gorgeous, with fantastic contrasty (technical term) light in every direction. It was enough to even make Cowbridge Road East look a strange kind of gorgeous, and that’s quite an achievement.

We remain ever hopeful that this could be the last week of the super-strict restrictions, and with case rates falling at a good pace, it could be that this time next week we might be able to do something truly exciting like travel for 5 miles. Imagine!

Should that happen, I’m excited to do some different walks. Today’s was essentially a mega walk, combining the routes of at least three previous ones together in one. While it kept me out of the house for several hours, it does feel a little bit like eating all your chocolate in one sitting – something I obviously never do. You might enjoy it at the time, but tomorrow, there’ll be nothing left to eat [do]. Anyway, I think I’ve stretched that analogy far too much for a Saturday night.

Fingers crossed for more fantastic light in the week ahead, it helps with the drudgery of the daily trudge around the block. I wonder if I’ll somehow miss the full-scale lockdown if it does turn out to be the final week…

Probably not.

Distance: 5.21miles
Time: 2:46

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